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Ever wondered what animal lives in another creature’s bottom? Do you know why baby koalas eat their own mother’s poo? And would it surprise you to learn that there is one animal who can survive without a head for up to a month? Bad Nature has the answers to all the wonderfully weird questions you never knew existed - like which animal’s poo can be seen from space? What creature squirts blood out of its eyes to ward off potential predators, and which animal vomits over anything that tries to eat it? Prepare yourself for a remarkable journey as you get knee deep in the amazingly hideous world of Bad Nature!

Vinnie is the boss of the 'Wise Guys', the 4th best monkey gang in the city. But unless he can pull off the heist of the century he's well on his way to being kicked out of the gang forever..... by his own mum. With his 'Wise Guys' being not so wise, his cousin Fang trying to take over his territory and the monkey catcher on the prowl, monkey business ain't what it used to be. This series follows the ridiculous day to day lives of a genuine urban macaque family as they raid, rob, smash and grab their way through the bustling city streets of Jaipur. 


Melvin is a sheepdog with a big problem. You see; Melvin is a sheepdog who’s allergic to sheep. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he actually believes he runs the farm – much to the dismay of the other animals. Despite being the worst sheepdog on the planet, Melvin sets about blowing things up, knocking things down and generally making a massive mess of everything he sets his tiny mind to. Helped and hindered by a motley crew of animal idiots, only his best friend Delores the Duck can save him and the farm from utter ruin.

"Noisy content that doesn't play by the rules"